Clés & Co. is about creative identity – your creative identity. Through our designs we aim to bring out your individuality with pieces that stimulate, elevate and fortify your image. With no limits in creativity through a collection of artists, our pieces are worn as personal trophies of success and reminders of your true character.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Clés & Co. follow on the philosophy “we must find out who is gold and who is gold-plated” – to which each and every single individual piece is crafted out of pristine solid gold. Inspired by modern luxury, all our designs begin from pencil to paper. These illustrations create a base for our team of international and in-house designers to bring our bespoke designs to life. Our experienced designers specialise in areas of carving, sculpting and digital drawing with much respect to traditional methods as well as modern practices.

At the heart of each piece are our Clés & Co. jewellers who ensure the birth and finish of each piece is perfect but paradoxically unique. With over 30 years of experience, our jewellers oversea the processes of creating the wax, casting, hand polishing and hand crafting all findings and fixtures. Stone setting is one of the most important stages of jewellery making, in which gemstones are attached in a metal casting. We house an elite team of stone setters at Clés & Co. who have mastered the art through years of work and carrying on techniques passed down from generation to generation. Each of our stone setters specialise in their own field of settings, whether it be Prong, Bezel, Channel, Bar, Pave, Tension, Flush, Bead, Invisible or cluster setting, our established Stone setters can ensure not only a secure set but one that enhances the brilliance of the stones by showing its cut, clarity and colour.

Our jewellery at Clés & Co. are all hand finished and meticulously inspected by our experienced artisans.