1. Purchase - Select style, options & checkout. A Clés and Co. representative will contact you to confirm which teeth you would like your grillz made on.
  2. Teeth Impression - All of our grillz are made using molds of your teeth which provide us with an exact impression of your teeth. To create this mold, we will send you out an at-home mold kit along with an email with instructions on how to correctly use the kit. It's fairly simple and may take no longer than 15 minutes to do.  

    You can also have your local dentist create the teeth impression instead, when complete please have your dentist send the impression to us. Address provided in order confirmation email.

  1. Creation - Once we receive your teeth impression we will begin crafting process.
  2. Delivery - When completed your grill will be insured and securely delivered straight to your doorstep.